AirChat: Frequently Asked Questions

Airchat offers a unique way to communicate that merges the immediacy of voice conversations with the convenience of text transcripts. This innovative app allows users to talk in real-time using push-to-talk voice messages. At the same time, it generates near-perfect written records of the dialogues.

Let’s explore some common questions people have about this promising new platform:

What exactly is Airchat?

In a nutshell, Airchat serves as a public, voice-first messenger. Its push-to-talk system transforms vocal exchanges into practical text transcripts. The goal is to make voice chats more easily accessible and practical.

How does Airchat moderate content?

Airchat believes in user-driven moderation. It equips members with tools to govern content themselves. For example, individuals can eliminate inappropriate posts, block or mute problematic users. The app does not ban people solely for respectable disagreement or political perspectives. However, it takes firm action against harassment, impersonation, toxic conduct or illegal material.

Can I block other accounts?

Absolutely. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the profile page of the account you wish to block.
  2. Select the more icon (•••).
  3. Choose “Block” from the menu.

Blocking an account prevents them from contacting you, viewing your posts or following you.

Is muting people an option?

Yes, muting accounts on Airchat is possible by:

  1. Visiting the profile page of the person you intend to mute.
  2. Tapping the more icon (•••).
  3. Picking “Mute” from the list.

Muting an account deletes their posts from your feed without unfollowing or blocking them. The muted person won’t realize you’ve muted them, and you can reverse it anytime.

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Why does Airchat enforce a minimum eight-character username rule?

This limit prevents user name squatting and resale of popular handles, both common issues on new platforms. However, increased activity can earn members shorter handles. You can request a shorter name via email ( ) or Twitter DM. Plus, inactive or scarcely used names may get reassigned over time.

What are channels?

Channels provide dedicated spaces to explore particular topics. Two varieties exist:

  • Fishbowls: You need the channel owner’s approval to contribute.
  • Open Channels: Anyone can participate.

You can view channel posts both in the default Following feed and separate channel section of your home tab.

Do I need an account to use Airchat?

Yes, creating an account is required to access Airchat and connect with other users. Anonymous usage is not possible.

What devices support Airchat?

Airchat works on both iOS and Android smartphones. So iPhone and Android users can enjoy the platform via mobile apps.

Can I AirChat in groups?

Absolutely. Airchat’s channel functionality enables group conversations around shared interests. You can join existing channels or make your own and moderate membership.

Can I edit sent voice messages in AirChat?

Unfortunately, editing voice messages after sending is not possible. But you can remove messages entirely if preferred.

Can I search message histories in AirChat?

Yes. Airchat’s highly accurate transcripts let you hunt for specifics within your dialogues. This makes retrieving details a breeze.

Is there a AirChat web-based version?

At this time, Airchat is mobile-only. Native iOS and Android apps provide access. But there is no web alternative yet.

Can I customize my AirChat profile?

Yes, personalize your presence by adding a profile photo and bio that captures your personality.

Any voice message length restrictions in AirChat?

Voice messages have caps to keep chats tight and engaging. Time limits may fluctuate so stay tuned.

Does Airchat support media sharing?

No. As a voice-first platform, multimedia cannot be exchanged currently. The focus remains on voice communication.

How private are my conversations in AirChat?

Airchat grants control over profile visibility and chat privacy. Adjust these settings to your comfort level.

Can AirChat voice messages get translated?

Not natively. However, Airchat’s transcripts integrate with other translation tools seamlessly.

Can I schedule Air Chat voice messages?

No, messaging is strictly real-time. Scheduling or future sending is not enabled.

Any voice effects or filters in AirChat?

No. Airchat believes in clear self-expression without synthetic modification or enhancement.

Can I host events on channels in Air Chat?

Yes. Channel creators can approve speakers and manage audiences to orchestrate interactive events.

Can I bookmark important messages?

Bookmarking voice messages in AirChat isn’t supported yet. But saving vital text transcripts is possible.