First Look at the AirChat App

We’ll take a first look at AirChat – the new voice-based social media app that’s making waves. You can request an invite to join AirChat at

AirChat brings an innovative approach to social audio with its push-to-talk group conversations and perfect AI-generated transcripts. Some key features include:

  • Push-to-talk functionality enables walkie-talkie style messaging
  • Group audio chats with topic-based channels
  • Real-time translation into other languages
  • AI transcription for saved voice conversations

This creates a unique voice-based social network for casual conversations.

air chat first look

Signing Up to AirChat

Getting access to the AirChat app involves a couple steps:

  • Invite-only access: You must request an invite code to joinGo to and enter your phone number to get notified when you receive an invite.
you need an invite airchat
  • Granting permissions: Allow AirChat to access your microphone for voice recording. After downloading the app with your invite code, you need to provide permission to enable its voice messaging features.

Using AirChat: First Look

Here’s a first-hand preview of using the social media app:

1. When you get an invite from someone, you will be asked to Enter your full name and the unique 8 letter username.

about you air chat profile

2. Next, you will be asked to choose an ‘Avatar‘ and you must grant access to Microphone, Camera, Contacts and Live Transcriptions to start using AirChat Voice app. You also have an option to ‘Skip’ the permissions.


3. Now, you are requested to choose the interest which is the final step. You will be landed to the Profile of AirChat where you can customize the profile picture and necessary information.

firstlook of just talk airchat app

Navigating the AirChat Interface

The AirChat mobile app has an intuitive interface:

  • Feed of latest voice messages from people you follow
  • Playback controls to play/pause messages and adjust playback speed
Voice FeedScroll through latest audio messages
Playback ControlsPlay, pause, adjust speed
ProfilesView other users’ profiles

Creating and Sharing Voice Posts

Posting your own voice commentary is simple:

  • Tap and hold to record audio messages
  • Add photos and videos with voice narration

You can reply to messages from others with your own voice notes.

Engaging on the Voice Social Network

Some ways to engage inside the AirChat app:

  • Replying to messages with your own voice notes
  • Liking and resharing posts you enjoy
  • Following topics and users to join group audio chats

AirChat’s Potential in the Social Media Landscape

AirChat brings back the appeal of asynchronous voice messaging through audio clips instead of live streams. This enables:

  • A more casual, conversational feel
  • Flexible engagement at your own pace

It’s a new take on social audio compared to live chat platforms.

Unique Features and Use Cases

Some unique roles for the voice messaging app:

  • Recording voice diaries and journals
  • Creating audio content or podcasting
  • Audio blogging and voice commentary

Challenges and Open Questions

However, questions remain around:

  • Content moderation challenges for voice content
  • Accessibility issues for non-voice users
  • Effectively scaling transcription and translation

The AirChat app brings an innovative, conversational approach to social audio through asynchronous voice messaging. It has exciting potential to enable more casual engagement, audio content creation, and access to groups based on voice rather than text.

We’ll have to see how it addresses key issues like content moderation and accessibility as the voice social network grows. But AirChat shows promise to carve out a unique positioning among major social media apps upon its debut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the quick FAQs about Air Chat Voice App.

How many AirChat Invites per account?

There are 2 invites for each AirChat account. When you receive your invite and sign up, you will have 2 invites to send to friends allowing them to join the platform.

How to get an invite to AirChat?

You can request an AirChat invite code at Enter your phone number in this site to sign up for notifications so you know as soon as you receive an invite code to download the app.