Download AirChat App for Android & iOS

Download AirChat is currently an invite-only audio-based social media platform that offers a unique way to communicate through voice messages. If you want to download and install AirChat to access its innovative features, here is a step-by-step guide:

Get an Invite to Access AirChat

As an invite-only application, you need to get a code from an existing user to create your AirChat account:

  • Contact AirChat users in your network and request an invite
  • Reach out to AirChat on social media to connect with team members who can assist with an invite
  • Register your interest on the AirChat platform website to get on the waitlist for new invites

Download AirChat Mobile App on Your Device

Once you secure an invite code, you can download AirChat from app stores:

  • Fetch the iOS AirChat app from the Apple App Store
  • Obtain the Android AirChat on the Google Play Store
  • Ensure your smartphone meets system requirements to run AirChat:
    • iOS 11.0 or later
    • Android 8.0 or newer
DeviceHow to Get AirChat
iOSApple App Store
AndroidGoogle Play Store

Set Up Your AirChat Account

After downloading Air Chat:

  • Open the downloaded mobile AirChat communication app
  • Ask existing users to invite you using mobile number
  • Provide details to create a profile
  • Grant microphone permission for voice messages

Completing the quick onboarding process allows you to access AirChat’s innovative features.

Explore AirChat’s Unique Social Audio Experience

Once set up, you can:

  • Record voice messages that automatically transcribe into text
  • Listen to the scrolling audio feed as conversations unfold
  • Reply with your own voice notes or text comments
  • Follow profiles and share posts just like other social platforms

AirChat focuses on voice-based interaction through a minimal interface. The audio feed plays as you scroll with no need to tap play on each post.

For more on how AirChat is pioneering the social audio space, read our first look article.

Provide Feedback to Improve

As an early user, you can help guide AirChat’s development:

  • Share your experience and suggest new features
  • Report bugs and technical issues faced
  • Give product feedback to the team

Your input directly shapes the evolution of this one-of-a-kind invite-only audio platform in its formative stage.

Getting access to the pioneering AirChat social media application may seem tricky given its exclusive nature currently. But following this guide makes getting an invite, downloading, and setting up AirChat a simple task so you can start engaging with its audio-only community!